Your First Orthodontist Visit

Every smile starts with a complimentary new patient screening exam!  Your screening exam will give you the opportunity to meet our friendly team, obtain a preliminary clinical assessment and potential treatment options from Dr. Marshall and preliminary financial estimates for any orthodontic treatment recommendations.  Treatment timing is extremely important.  You or your child may not be ready for treatment yet.  In some situations, there’s only a small window of opportunity in a child’s development to do certain orthodontic treatments.  The American Association of Orthodontists recommends a child’s first orthodontic screening visit to be done by the time the child is 7 years old. 

Please contact our office at La Mesa Office Phone Number 619-670-4018 to setup your free exam today!


It will be helpful, if you can bring any recent x-rays (if available) and a list of medications you are taking.  Dental insurance information (& sometimes medical insurance as well) will be necessary to verify benefit information, if you have any insurance.  We will also want to know who your general dentist and primary care physician are. 


At your free exam (orthodontic), Dr. Marshall will review your medical & dental histories, perform a clinical exam, and discuss preliminary treatment recommendations, if any.  If Dr. Marshall determines that your child does not need orthodontic treatment at this time, she will monitor your child with complementary recall examinations.  She will also answer any questions you may have.  One of our team members will review preliminary treatment cost estimates & financial options, if applicable.


If Dr. Marshall recommends orthodontic treatment at this time, or if she needs complete diagnostic records before making that decision, we will schedule you in for a records appointment and a treatment consultation appointment. 


The records appointment typically consists of taking orthodontic x-rays (panoramic radiograph and cephalometric radiograph), orthodontic photographs of the teeth and face, and making study models.  The complete diagnostic information obtained will allow Dr. Marshall to do a thorough analysis of your teeth, jaws and face and treatment plan accordingly.   She will then use this important information to finalize the treatment options customized just for you.


Dr. Marshall will review major diagnostic findings and treatment options.  You will have an opportunity to ask her any questions about the proposed treatment options and any other questions you may have.  One of her team members will review and setup financial arrangements for you.  It is important to have every person involved in the patient’s decision making process (financial decision making and treatment decision making) to be present at the treatment consultation appointment (for example, significant other, both parents, etc.). 


When you are ready to proceed with your orthodontic treatment, we can get started.  You will need to be up to date with your dental exam & cleaning and your dentist will need to make sure that you are free of any cavities and periodontal disease (gum & bone disease). 


Please contact our office at La Mesa Office Phone Number 619-670-4018, if you have any questions.